Project Armoire

Welcome back friends!

A few months ago, dear friends of our family revealed they were moving out of state. They hosted a huge estate sale to help rid them of the items they didn't intend to take with them, and thankfully, they thought of me for a few pieces left behind. Thanks to my DH, (who we will lovingly refer to as "Mr. T" for the sake of these posts) for helping me lug this thing onto a truck and eventually (+ a few extra hands) into our house! I finally got her in a holding space!

This old, in need of some love and TLC TV Cabinet.... Its not much to look at now, I know... but just wait!

Due to the fact that our house was built in the 1960's we effectively have little to no closet space. I'm not sure if we just have more "stuff" living in these modern times, or if the generations before us were struggling with storage space like we are, but man is it a struggle! For any women reading this post, please raise your hands if you could also use a little more closet?!?!

Mr. T feels the brunt of this pain in our world. My "side" or 2/3's of the closet are exploding. Clothes are just coming out of every which way, and my very organized Mr. Clean hubs can't stand not having a place for just about everything. - So, when I saw this piece, I started to think, Armoire ! - With masculine finishes, storage & functionality! The plan for this piece is as follows:

  • Remove & Replace current paneling (back)

  • Add Hanging Rod across the Top of the inside of the Cabinet

  • Install 1 shelf above the drawer for additional storage

  • Paint Base Color

  • Color Wash for final touches

  • Replace Knobs/Pulls

  • Install a few hooks for belts/ties

  • & Lastly install some lighting (since the piece comes with power hookup!)

Rehab on this beast is set to start this weekend... We will post progress pictures to our IG & Facebook pages we go (@theatticvintagerehabs)

Until next time! - DHT

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