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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

*First blog post! Yay!*

My name is Danielle, and about 10 months ago I decided that I was ready to get this business going! Albeit a crazy idea to begin with, that I, a full-time working Mom and Wife with laundry list of responsibilities, and laundry, (don't even get me started) would launch a small business, out of my basement, founded on a dream & a prayer, BUT! Here we are!

One resounding theme of this year has been to never let anyone else put a limit around my dreams and aspirations. - Finding myself motivated by idea that I could actually do what I love, and still conquer adulting, parenting, and marriage is no small feat, but its been the joy of my life to date, and by God's grace, we're doing it!

My background: I was born and raised in Maryland, a country loving, city surrounded, gal with an eye for beauty in the most unlikely of places. I grew up watching my Mom take the old and ugly and make it beautiful and functional again. I realize as an adult, all the times the garage was a chamber of fumes from stain and polyurethane, it was due to a joy and desire to create, that my Mother so graciously passed on to me. My Father, a small business owner himself, has taught me the importance of hard work, and never letting my age, my gender or my inexperience stop me from getting my hands dirty. In our family, it was never a question of could you do something, but more so, why aren't you? When I decided that I wanted to restore a dining table set for my own home, I was amazed to find out just how much knowledge there was out there, on all the techniques and tricks folks have learned along the way. There are so many Pinterest Warriors out there with their tools, and plans, and workshops and wide open spaces (MORE POWER TO THEM!) but that's a far cry from where I started. Standing in my carport with my limited supplies in hand, passed down power tools, and the perfect table and chairs, found at a local hand-me-down shop, I was ready to go, or at least I was hoping for the best. I've learned a lot since my first project, my table and chairs are still my favorite, and the highlight of our dining space, but it was that low budget, shockingly successful, project that really ignited my passion for restoration. I realized that if someone like me, who didn't know much about wood working, refinishing, or the difference between wax and polyurethane finishes, could do this, ANYONE can! - & Thus The Attic Vintage Rehabs was born. - My goal is to use the tools and space I have to restore and recreate the old into new. A lot like what I've experienced in my own life, there is nothing too big or too small, too old, or too ugly, that can't be made new with a little love, creativity, and vision. In the coming months, I am hoping to host several DIY Nights, so that others, like me, with a good eye and a little guidance can try their hand at creating something beautiful for their own space!

In the meantime, I'll be posting tips, tricks, and pictures of our current projects, and letting you know when we roll-out new specialties!

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